How To Blog Your Way To Success In 4 Simple Steps!

Blog To SuccessYou’ve heard about the mysterious powers of a blog but have never experienced it’s effects! Everyone has told you that you need one, yet it sounds like a daunting and challenging part of your marketing which you would rather do without.

Let me show you how you can blog your way to success in 4 simple steps!

Blog Your Way To Success

Over the last couple of articles I’ve emphasized the need for having a well thought out marketing plan which allows you market your handmade business effectively and efficiently to drive sales. Traffic is an important part of your business and generating the right sort of traffic can make or break a business.

In all of my articles I’ve discussed the importance of having your own blog at the center of this marketing plan, with all the traffic generation aimed at getting more readers to your blog. If you can control where your traffic goes and what your traffic does when it lands on your page, you are in a better position than sending traffic directly to an Etsy store or another third party website.

Blogging allows you to generate vast quantities of targeted traffic every single time you update your blog with a new post. However many people find running a blog a pretty time consuming and challenging thing to do, with many people asking me “what should I blog about?”

So if you cannot get a compelling blog post out on a regular basis, you can wave that traffic good bye!

So let’s get you blogging the right way!

Getting it right!

Owning your own blog is the simplest thing when it comes to marketing.

Actually running your blog and writing compelling blog posts on a regular basis can be a challenge!

Simply having a blog won’t guarantee floods of traffic to your site. In fact I can absolutely tell you that just having a blog will do NOTHING for your business. You need to make the blog work for you if you want it to start generating the traffic and the income that your business deserves.

In order to do this you need to:

#1 Be Interesting & Compelling

There is nothing worse than arriving at a blog and reading boring, dull and useless content, yet many people do just that!

Getting the right message out using your blog is essential and you need to make sure that it is interesting and provides the person reading your post with value and something they can take away. Making sure the information is relevant to the people reading your blog is crucial if you want them to come back next time you update your blog.

In order to do this you need to know who your target audience is.

You need to know what interests them and what makes them tick.

If you don’t know what interests them or what they are looking for you are running the risk of providing them with content they are not interested in, and hence they are less likely to share that content with others.

Getting the angle right for your blog posts is crucial!

#2 Have something to say

Once you know what your audience is interested in you need to make sure that you provide them with content that provides them with value.

In other words, why would they want to return to your blog in the future?

With Marketing Dodo, I aim to provide you with actionable tips and tricks to use to grow your business. Whether these tips provide you with step-by-step instructions or they are aimed to motivate you to take action or provide you with information on a topic, they all have a common aim. By providing you with this information I want you to be able to build an ethical and profitable business.

You need to find that aim for your blog so that your readers keep coming back for more. You need to identify your voice in your market which you will be using to bring people to your blog.

Before you start saying that your aim is to sell more of your product, you need to STOP and read this!

Although your aim IS to sell more of your product you should aim to inform readers to build a relationship so that they WANT to buy from you.

The aim of your blog is to build relationships with people in your target audience which may want to buy your products.

For example:

If I were to sell handmade goods for children’s nurseries I might be running a blog targeted at mothers to be. In that blog I would talk about issues which they might need to consider when planning a children’s nursery in order to inform them and help them out. Because I am helping them out with their nursery planning they are far more likely to purchase items that I promote simply because I have provided them with useful content, which they’ve been able to take action on.

By building relationships with your readers you begin to gain trust and begin to show that you have some expertise you can share. People buy from people they know and trust!

#3 Be Consistent

If I had to come up with a motto for your marketing it is to be consistent.

Blogging is no different.

Whether you opt to blog 7 days a week or just 1 day a week you need to be consistent.

Humans are creatures of habit and we like routines! So blogging twice today and not blogging at all for three months is not going to do your marketing any good.

Decide on how often and when you are going to blog and stick to it religiously!

My top tip is to aim for quality over quantity. It is FAR better to post once or twice a week and produce top quality content that your users love and share than to blog seven days a week and produce rubbish content that is irrelevant and pointless.

Which brings me on to my next bit…

#4 Market, Market, Market!

Once that blog post is out MARKET the hell out of it!

Treat each and every blog post as an opportunity to bring people to your blog.

Share that post with your email list (Which you should be building!), post it on twitter, Facebook, pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin etc.

Many people write a blog post and market it for the next few days until the next blog post is written and forget about the old content and start marketing the new post.

Remember that not everybody has read your old content, and if you took the time to write it why should you stop marketing it?

ALWAYS make use of older content on your blog and continue to market it at every opportunity.

This ensures that your blog continues to grow with each and every post you write!

Time to take action:

Ok here is your step-by-step action guide!

1) Find out your target audience (Not sure how? Read this)
2) Install your own blog (Not sure how? You Want this)
3) Write one or two compelling articles a week.
4) Market the Hell out of them (Not sure how? Read this)

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